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Yoga Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton's brand new yoga sanctuary is here to help you reground, reconnect & reset. Whether easing aching muscles after training, seeking clarity of mind or managing stress & anxiety - Infin8 Yoga is here to support your journey.

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Yoga Chipping Norton

Vivienne Dias

From coaching yoga classes to teaching new instructors entering the industry, Vivienne is very much a seasoned Yogi with the passion, drive and compassion that will nourish your experience at Infin8 Yoga.

Yoga Moorebank

Nate Thomas

Fresh out of the military, Nate found peace, love, healing and light in the practice of yoga. Nate has taught yoga in the military and to locals up in Brisbane and is now eager to share the benefits with you.

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Sarah Yee

Having learn her craft in the peaceful pockets of peace in Bali, Sarah brings with her a uniquely authentic spin in her Yin classes. Her beautiful energy and passion for her craft will quickly put you at ease.

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Power yoga

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Mat pilates

Flow yoga

Wednesday 6.30pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6.00am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7.30pm

Focus on  connection between breath, movement and mind. Our aim is to reconnect with ourselves, and escape the restraints of stress and anxiety. The movements aim to help your body be more connected to your inner self and the world around you, while enhancing your general mobility and physical fitness.

More intense than other forms of yoga, Power Yoga aims to build strength, agility and endurance. This time of yoga focusses on the flow of one pose to the next instead of each move in isolation. This class is more fast-paced and intense, giving your body a great workout while also connecting to self in the process.

Focus on your connective tissue (such as fascia, ligaments, joints, bones) while giving you meditative benefits. As you hold poses for longer periods of time, this practice is great for lengthening otherwise rarely used muscle groups and increasing range of motion while giving your mind a break from every day stresses. 


Times are tough. Finding a healthy medium for healing our internal environment is more important than ever and doing it with a supportive, happy tribe make it all the easier. 


When we start to love ourselves and heal our internal environment incredible results manifest outward, giving us our dream body, healthy mind and nourished soul.

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