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Revive & Thrive

Summer bodies are built in Winter. We have carefully curated a 3-month transformative experience designed to help you feel energetic, strong, fit and healthy. 

No long-term contracts. No joining fees. No cancellation fees.

We're here to help. Sign up today and secure 20% off (for life).

Escape the hustle
Surrender to the Zen

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One membership.
4 modalities. 
One price. 
20% off for life of membership - price will never go up.

Let's start by collecting some basic information that will help us set up a profile for you.

Let's get to know you & your goals 


No joining fees. No cancellation fees. No long-term obligations.


U8F is about working around your lifestyle so we can, together, create healthier and more sustainable habits that will help you optimise your health and keep it it at that optimal level. 

Free trial:   Choose any class to dip your toes in the U8F experience

13 weeks:   $60pw for 13 weeks, unlimited access to all classes. 

                    After 13 weeks - if you sign up this month - price will not change

Thanks for submitting!

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