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Step into a Realm of Holistic Harmony and unveil the mysteries with oracle insights, harness the power of crystals, and embark on a journey of spiritual renewal. Experience energy healing, elevate with guidance, and cleanse your space for vibrant transformation. Welcome to your path of wholeness and wellness.

Open your mind, heal your spirit

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Home & Space Cleaning

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Crystal Specialist

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Intuitive Card Readings


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Clear stagnant energy, leaving your spaces refreshed and harmonious. 

Source crystals that align to your purpose & your healing.

Seek guidance & support with our eerily accurate oracle readings.

Utilise vibration, frequency & resonances to heal & harmonise.

Located in the heart of Chipping Norton, our showroom houses all your holistic wellness needs under the one roof!

From crystals and readings to booking in a cleansing of your home & space - we do it all. Book a quick 15 minute consultation over the phone to kick start your wellness journey with Holistic Ness!

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