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They tell us our bodies are supposed to deteriorate after 30, and and it's natural, inevitiable and unstoppable. We say that's complete nonsense. 


Different modalities,
one treatment,
maximum results.

Step 1:  Initial Consultation & Treatment

Consult with Michael to address your specific pain concerns and receive a customised treatment designed for immediate relief.

Step 2: Management Plan

After your session, Michael will introduce you to tools and techniques designed to prevent pain from recurring in your body. He will also advise you on the most suitable treatment plans for your continued well-being.

U8F stands as a premier group fitness hub, proudly serving the Chipping Norton, Moorebank, and neighboring areas. Our curated workouts aim for powerful, safe, and lasting benefits to uplift your lifestyle. Beyond versatile exercise modifications for those with injuries or conditions, our hallmark is our exceptional pain management solutions.

Pain Consult
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