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"When we change ourselves, the world around us changes too." - Michael Paps


Our mission is to get you feeling better - in mind, in body, in soul.

Starting his fitness journey at 130kgs, Michael Paps built Ultim8 Fitness (later shortened to 'U8F') from the ground up with a view to teach his community that living a happier, healthier and enriched life was not only possible but easier than you would expect. Now, 12 years later (and 50kgs lighter), Michael & his team have helped over 2,000 people achieve the impossible. We invite you to be our next success story.





Envision what it looks & feels like to live in your dream body. Describe your vision to your Coach at your initial Breakthrough Consultation.



Together, we will formulate a unique and tailored plan created just for you. From here you must trust the process and surrender to your best self. Things are about to get awesome!


After creating an action plan we will begin a targeted program that will drastically enrich the quality of your life - well on the way to your dream body!

Upon achieving your goals you will experience life in your dream mind and body and we will build off this to take you to even further heights in your journey.




This formula has helped over 2,000 people achieve their best self!

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"The family vibe, the laughs, accountability & zero judgement environment is what keeps me coming back day after day regardless of where I am at in my mental & physical journey… ."

- Nicole B.

"Love this gym. It has everything I could possibly need. The coaches are amazing, very friendly and make you feel welcome every time I go there. ."

- Tim 

"U8F is more than just a gym. It is a family and lifestyle. I am constantly challenged to push my limits without it feeling like a chore..."

- Nicole I.

"After a 1 year of looking into joining a gym or fitness program I finally found one that resonates with me. I finally feels like this is a place I can achieve my long term goals of getting fit & healthy."

- Elena

"I joined U8F at the end of 2020 and not only did I find a fabulous gym, I found a community I am proud to be part of. The team at U8F are so supportive, knowledgeable and make every session fun!"

- Rhiannon

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We are the family choice for fitness

Fitness encompasses the mind, body, soul and connection with the world around you. By achieving a well-rounded mental, physical and spiritual state we can live in an optimum state which, in turn, inspires our loved ones to do the same. 

U8F is not just about group fitness - we're

for families re-grounding and re-connecting.

We're for a healthier, happier, stronger 




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2. Am I ready to commit to my transformation? 

3. Am I ready to trust my coach & the U8F process? 

4. Am I ready for massive, uplifting change? 

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