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Research-based workouts in an inclusive, fun environment

Gym Chipping Norton


Group Fitness

Functional workouts

Gym Chipping Norton


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A safe space for all

Small classes, tailored attention - great for those wanting a no judgement, holistic environment

Finding a safe space to heal while having the freedom to be who you are, wear what you want, move how you need to is tough. We get it. Breaking through your limiting beliefs to reach your best self is hard and we have spent close to a decade creating an all-inclusive, supportive, impactful environment that nurtures your health, fitness & wellness journey. 


Capped at 16 people, our classes are small and intimate to ensure you are given personalised training in a group fitness environment without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Best introduction to training I have had! Michael took the time to assess my ability to participate in classes and showed me the correct way to approach exercises. He was very patient and generous with his time with no pressure to join - although I did. This careful but also fun approach carried through to my first class, looking forward to my fitness journey!


I thought I’d just give U8F “a go” and see if I liked it. 8 weeks later, I haven’t looked back. Super supportive environment, friendly people, options for those of us with back issues and extremely welcoming of all shapes and sizes. I love going to the gym and make it apart of my week every week.

Paula L.

Been coming to the gym for a couple of years now. I have seen massive improvement in my overall strength and fitness. My lower back pain has completely disappeared and I feel fantastic. Also just completed a Bowen session with Paps and It felt like an outer body experience and I feel great.

Thomas M.

How training with U8F will transform your life

In addition to the efficient weight loss, muscle sculpting and incredible aesthetic results you will experience, our workouts gift you even more...

Gym Chipping Norton

Helps you sleep better

Better, deeper, richer sleeps that helps the body heal & restore.

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Decreases anxiety & depression

Movement, nourishment & support that heals the mind.

Gym Chipping Norton

Reduces stress levels 

Vent out negative, toxic energy in your sessions & transform your mindset.

Gym Chipping Norton

Improves attention & concentration

Clear brain fog, think sharper, think faster, think better.

Choose the Membership That Fits You Best

Our Memberships fit perfectly with any and all lifestyles. Get in touch with our amazing team to learn more about which package suits you best.

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7-Day Pass

See if you and U8F are a great fit

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No risk, no cancellation fees

Great for people who:

Want a holistic, safe, sustainable lifestyle shift. 20% off for the first 13 weeks.


Great for people who: 

Want to experience the U8F difference before joining the family. All access pass for 7 days.

So what's our story?

At the heart of U8F are Michael & Tanya, who have built U8F from scratch. Starting in Michael's living room and now operating out of our gorgeous warehouse on Alfred Road in Chipping Norton, our mission remains the same - remind the community of their inner power, greatness and optimum health.

Gym in Chipping Norton

Michael Paps

Owner & Head Coach

Your Coach on the floor and in life as you seek to  embrace your best self.

U8F Chipping Norton

Tanya Kaur

Co-owner/Client Liaison

Your point of contact for anything and everything! Can't wait to meet you!

Gym Chipping Norton

Misty Paps

U8F Mascot

U8F's little mascot is great for cuddles and play time when you're feeling low.

U8F is for everyone (yes really)

No matter your fitness level, our programs are designed to help you get the results you want and deserve. With compassionate, experienced coaching you will never feel lost or behind. 

Claim your 7-day Wellness Pass today

Best gym in Chipping Norton
"When you change yourself the world around you changes too."

Michael Paps

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