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Saturday 1 June 9am - 1pm at 85 Alfred Rd Chipping Norton

Explore over 30 health and wellness businesses based right here in Liverpool!

Liverpool - it's time for our first full-blown Wellness Expo. Support small, local business and claim massive discounts and giveaways on the day. Let's celebrate the South West - stronger together.

Get your free ticket here!

Thank you for purchasing your FREE ticket. Please see your emails for your purchase confirmation and for further info. See you there!


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Nathan Hagarty Charishma Kaliyanda
Holistic Ness
Way 2 Live
Esencia & Co
City Cave Liverpool
One Stop Physio
My Fitness Kitchn
Helen's Kouzina
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More Stall Holders to be announced! 

  • What is the U8F Wellness Expo?
    The U8F Wellness Expo is an event that aspires to bring together local, homegrown talent under one roof and assist them in connecting with the community and, on the flip side, assist the community to connect with relevant, impactful businesses that have the potential to make their lives better in some way. You will see over 25 local businesses in the health, fitness and wellness space that have products and/or services that nourish you in some way. It's a great event for those looking for something different to do and explore new ways to enhance their lives. Give it a go! Book your free tickets now and we will see you there!
  • Why is U8F doing the expo?
    U8F is a fiercely passionate community ally that has dreams that extend well beyond the gym floor. While we offer group fitness, yoga, mat pilates and Zumba our ambition is to be an industry disrupter and challenge "fitness" to move beyond the physical paradigm. We want to breathe life into the notion of holistic wellness through events, products and services that push the envelope and lead to real, tangible change. In short - we're more than just a gym and events like this prove that. In addition to the Wellness Expo, U8F has been at the forefront of community with events such as the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk in 2022 and the Mayoral Candidate Rountable in 2021. ALSO - it's TOUGH out there for small businesses. As a small, independent business ourselves we know how challenging the climate is and we want to take this opportunity to create a network of professionals and community who can support each other through the challenges. There's nothing more inspiring than how a community can band together when things get hard. Let's do that by showing up and supporting local business owners.
  • How much does it cost to access the event?
    $0. Book your free ticket by scrolling up and leaving your details and then follow the email instructions for the day. It's just a light-hearted, fun event to share with your loved ones. Come and enjoy yourselves - no strings attached at all.
  • Where is the event?
    Chipping Norton Business Precinct 85 Alfred Road Chipping Norton NSW 2170 Enter via gates opposite Caringal Street.
  • Where do I park?
    There is ample parking both within the complex and on the street. When you enter via the gates opposite Caringal Street please park your vehicle along the boundary fence (inline with the entry gate). There are almost 80 available spots. If these are full please park on the street, being mindful of our residential neighbours and exercising the utmost respect for their peace and quiet.
  • Can I bring my friend if they haven't booked a ticket?
    Yes, sure. But we request everyone book a ticket via the form at the top of this page so we get an understanding of numbers for the day.
  • How does the expo actually work?
    Park your car safely and walk into the gym - the expo is on the ground floor. Feel free to walk around and meet and greet stall holders openly - don't be shy, and have some fun. U8F is a very inclusive, friendly happy space and we absolutely LOVE meeting new humans. There will be a very upbeat, happy vibe so please don't feel shy to reach out to staff in the U8F shirts if you require assistance or have questions. Be free to be you.
  • Do the stall holders take cash or card?
    Every stall holder is responsible for their own payment method and we cannot provide any guarantees regarding this unfortunately. If a stall holder does not have a physical payment terminal then we recommend asking them if they accept PayID or bank transfer.


U8F aspires to help every day humans break through their limiting beliefs and guide them as they achieve their fullest potential. No matter your health, fitness or wellness need we are determined to assist you and, where we cannot, we have a bustling network of wellness professionals who we can refer you to. If you're looking for a safe, inclusive and fun environment to workout (group fitness, yoga, mat pilates, zumba) - then U8F is the place for you.

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