Want to lose 10kgs in 10 days? Keep dreaming, buddy.

Every single one of our members started off with the same (superficial) goals:

🧐How do I lose weight quickly?

🧐I just want to tone my body. A bit of definition is good.

It's not your fault - fitness has been portrayed as some fast and furious fad meant for people who want to "shred" and do "X week challenges" that are supposed to magically fix a lifetime of bad habits. Go figure.

Let's break down 3 myths and misconceptions about fitness, and what may happen on your own journey. Getting that dream body is far more involved than those "quick fixes".

1. Challenges are beneficial.

We get it - it's a no-lock in, pay it all upfront option that doesn't need commitment.

You'll totally undo all the self-destructive cycles in that exact amount of weeks and heal your mind and body completely ...

Seems legit.

Listen, if you're going to walk away from your 4/6/8 week challenge and sustain the same level of structured eating and focussed exercise for the rest of your life then that's different.

Chances are you're being drip fed recipes and short-term goals tailored to losing crazy amounts of body fat in a short period of time so your gym looks good on Facebook.

Have you heard any "3 months after our X week challenge - see how John Doe is going!"

Didn't think so.

Chances are John has fallen back into his old patterns and may be training hard, eating crap and constantly punishing himself for not getting the same results he did during the challenge.

You need a structured and sustainable routine that you can maintain for life. That will get you long-term, ongoing results. There's no other way.

2. You need to be fit to train.

"I can't keep up in your group fitness classes. I need to lose some weight before I join."

If you're joining a positive, uplifting gym/studio/fitness centre then you shouldn't feel as though you don't belong.

We all started where you are.

We all know what it's like to start at square 1.

We all know how scary it can be to join a new environment with new people.

At U8F we pride ourselves on our supportive, empathetic, constructive approach to your wellness journey.

Our Members joined us because they needed support, mentorship and healing. We take our role in your life very seriously, and have put work into building an amazing community of Members, Coaches and a culture of sustainable results.

Want to give us a go and experience the U8F difference? Try a no strings attached week at our gym in Chipping Norton here.

3. Cardio is enough.

Ah, walking on the treadmill. All alone. Just walking away .... was that 30 minutes? Nope, only 5.

Cardio is awesome. Don't get us wrong. Just not on its own.

Doing the spin classes, the treadmill, and all that stuff certainly helps you stay active and maintains good cardiovascular health and endurance (if you're strategically pushing yourself). But it can get boring, and perhaps even result in your progress plateauing if you're not changing up the routine.

The great thing about doing U8F's programs is that every day is different and we incorporate strength as well as cardio, giving you a nice, well-rounded workout regime to shape, sculpt and tone your body efficiently and safely. Check out our timetable here.

Strength is important if you're looking to:

- Build strength, endurance and enhance your overall wellbeing

- Shapes & tones (as well as blasts those calories, especially on leg day!)

- Keeps things moving (if your workouts are well designed) towards your goals

These are just some of the thing that may help you kick off your own health & fitness journey.

Remember that there are no "quick fixes". Enjoy the journey, and trust in the process.

Happy healing!


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