How do I start my fitness journey?

With the influx of gyms and "influencers" all over your social media platforms the message of what is "right" and "wrong" in your own journey can be confusing and intimidating.

Step 1: Articulate your weight loss goal (with a qualified Coach)

You, along with most people, will go through a similar Googling cycle:

"I want to lose weight." "How to drop a dress size in 7 days."

"How to lose weight without exercise."

"How to lose 10kgs in 10 days."

"I want to drop 30kgs."

You will inevitably be met with results like:

"No exercise, no shakes! Lose weight naturally in 7 days with this magical pill or supplement."

"Join our X-week challenge!"

Etc. etc.

Think about what you're doing - jumping head first into a partnership with a company/gym/coach that knows nothing about your goals or your current fitness levels.

You need to take some time to sit down with a qualified coach and understand where you are and where you need to go. At U8F we follow the "SMART" method of goal setting:

Let's run through a quick example together.

[S] - "I will train at least 3 times every week."

[M] - "I will train at least 3 times every week, and track this using my U8F app."

[A]. - Assess whether your goal is achievable based on your history, and schedule.

[R]. - "I will train at least 3 times every week, and track this by attending my monthly check- in. This will help me feel fitter, stronger and enjoy an uplifted mood so I can present my best self to the people around me and myself."

[T] - I will do this for 4 weeks, and adjust my fitness based on my results and follow-up goal setting session with my Coach.

Need help? Call us on (02) 9724 0885 so we can help (which we love to do!)

Step 2: Buddy with a professional to create a tailored plan

Once you understand what your goals are, it's important to to have a plan that will help you get there safely and sustainably.

At U8F, our induction process works to establish a detailed, actionable plan to help you create structure in your journey. To book a coaching session, just click here.

Everyone's plan is going to look different.

If you're injured, for example, your training will consist of a lot of rehabilitation routines (perhaps with resistance bands and light weights to ease into your training and build strength).

If you're looking to lose weight, you're going to need a nice, strategic mix of strength and cardio exercises to get you shedding calories while toning up.

You are unique. Your plan should be too!

Step 3: Implement your plan with your fitness buddy

This is the fun part - implementation.

Just do it.

Show up.

Do the work.

Implement your plan with your coach and trust in the process.

It won't be easy, and chances are you will want to give up about a million times (even the fittest of us do!), but what separates the average from the great is the ability to persevere and trust that the results are going to manifest.

You got this.

Step 4: Strategically monitor your goals and progress

Designing and implementing your fitness and wellness plan is a great start.

You now need to ensure you are regularly checking in with yourself and your coach to make sure you're not only on track, but your goals are consistently evolving so you are challenging your body to keep getting the results it needs to feel fitter and stronger.

At U8F we check in with our Members on a monthly basis (with options to check in more regularly). We do free body scans, fitness assessments and goal setting sessions to ensure you're still getting results.

Don't forget to celebrate the wins (no matter how big or small). You're doing an amazing job.

Time to book in for your no strings attached week where you're going to get all of the above! Just click here to get started. We're going to do this together.

Speak soon!

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