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Hearty, healthy indulgence

What's life without a little indulgence?

Here's a quick and easy recipe that'll hit the spot - the best part? It's healthier than your average bowl of pasta.

We challenge you to give the gluten-free option a go. We bet this recipe will blow your mind!

What you will need:

  1. Gluten-free pasta (we put a mix of Orgrans's millet, quinoa & buckwheat with kale, quinoa & brown rice - give it a go!)

  2. Broccoli

  3. Cream

  4. Teaspoon of garlic

  5. Parmesan (grated)

  6. Mozzarella

  7. Olive oil

  8. Salt & pepper

  9. Chilli flakes (optional)


  1. Put the pasta on boil (add some salt and pepper to preference)

  2. Pop the broccoli in a NutriBullet/mixer with a teaspoon of garlic and a little water for a base - mix well

  3. Add olive oil to pan and toss in your broccoli mixture - cook for 10 minutes at a medium temperature

  4. Drain the pasta and keep a cup of the water

  5. [Use the same pot you boiled the pasta in] Add 400ml of fresh cream, 100 parmesan cheese - sir well and add your broccoli mix

  6. Bring your mixture to a boil

  7. Add the pasta

  8. Stir in together very well and add mozzarella to finish off

  9. Serve hot - sprinkle some more parmesan to taste and add some chilli flakes if you love your spice.

Enjoy! Let us know how you go :)

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