5 tips to wake up and feel AMAZING (even in the cooler months!)

Nothing compares to a nice, warm bed on a crisp Autumn morning ...

But you have work, the kids, your other half, and more waiting for you.

You can't stay in bed ...

Must. Get. Up.

Now you're awake, but you're frustrated and fatigued and you're on autopilot again.

That's no way to live. You deserve to start your day feeling happy, nourished and inspired to achieve great things.

Let's explore 5 easy tips to wake up with a little more oomph.

1. Take a deep breath and count down from 5

You are 5 seconds away from changing the course of your day.

We all have mornings where we lay in bed under those warm, soft covers and the thought of leaving this safe space already instils within us feelings of sadness and/or anxiety.

When you open your eyes take a deep, nourishing breath in and, as you exhale, count down from 5 and just do it - just get up.

There you have it - you've distracted the negativity and jumped straight into a brand new day.

Skeptical? Watch this video: "Use this to control your mind"

2. Position your devices strategically

A lot of our Members have complained about getting a really crappy night's sleep, or waking up frustrated and burnt out.

We picked up on a common theme - they were all scrolling through their phone immediately after opening their eyes.

You're basically going from a rested, healed state to bombarding your poor brain with a useless, bottomless pit of information that is stressing you before you start your day.

Why ... why are you doing this to yourself?!

Positioning your devices away from your bed is a great way to distract your routine.

For example - instead of placing your devices above or next to your head, place them across the room on your desk. Not only does that stop you from scrolling through them first thing, it'll get you up and out of bed to access them.

Try it.

3. Have a morning ritual

Having a ritual/routine in the morning adds focus and targets to your morning. It's like booking an appointment with yourself to pour love into the first hour of your day.

Check out our e-book on rituals here.

4. Nourish your mind

Instead of reading up on the latest gossip columns, or checking in to read toxic, counterintuitive posts on your social media platforms try pumping a motivational/informative podcast that makes you smarter, happier, mentally fitter.

Go on Youtube and search people like:

  • Tony Robbins

  • Mel Robbins

  • Simon Sinek

  • Les Brown

... there are so many inspiring people who share a common trait - they nourish their minds and remain disciplined in being a gatekeeper for information that passes into their minds.

Nourish yourself with good information. It'll set you up for an awesome day, and you can listen to these podcasts in bed as you wake up. Try setting your motivational speech/podcast as your alarm - great way to wake up.

5. Have a plan

Setting yourself 3 goals the night before helps you wake up with focus and drive.

Invest time in establishing mini milestones for your day and allow it to drive your motivation.

If you distract your mind with productive ideas, strategies and inspiration chances are you'll spend less time in bed hating the idea of engaging with the day!

Try implementing just one small change every morning. It's okay to go slow so you don't get overwhelmed and discouraged. Eventually, these steps will become second nature and trickle into every area of your life. You will be happier, fitter, and more motivated than ever.

Happy healing!

Team U8F

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