5 Tips to Increase Focus

Focus and productivity are the keys to feelings of personal and professional accomplishment, as well as helping us feel we are living true to our purpose.

Check out these 5 simple tools to help you re-ignite the focus that w

1. Take "real" breaks

Are you the person who takes a "break" from your day by scrolling through Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, etc.?

Did you know that your brain can't tell the difference between work and scrolling through your social media platforms? It's still absorbing insane amounts of information .... all. the. time. Stop doing that to yourself!

Try something wild, like reading a really awesome book, listening to motivational content on Youtube (start here), going for a brisk walk to re-energise your body, try a session at U8F to break the routine (check out our timetable here).

Put the phone down ... it's okay. It's not going anywhere. We promise.

2. Have your own ritual

Wouldn't it feel awesome to wake up and just feel good. No stress, no anxiety, no expectations ... just raw, unfiltered good vibes.

Having a ritual simply means putting together different short and sharp activities to enhance the quality of your mental health and the day ahead.

A ritual could include waking up and meditating for 15 minutes, taking a U8F class (claim your no strings attached week here), having a cold shower (find out more here),

Check out our e-book (here) to help you establish healthy rituals that will get you to your goals faster.

3. Breathe

Do you ever feel clouded because the day becomes too overwhelming? Every day tasks become a little harder, take more energy and more drive to complete.

Here's a simple like exercise you can do anywhere and any time.

Step 1: Sit up straight, close your eyes and allow the thoughts to fade in and out.

Step 2: Breathe in deeply for 4 seconds and imagine a white light entering your body and attacking the negativity, anxiety, stress and self-doubt.

Step 3: Breathe out and imagine this negative toxicity being expelled from your body through your hands, feet and head.

Step 4: Repeat for 2 minutes.

4. Write it down

Prioritisation and organisation is an art. Learning to journal your thoughts and feelings is a great way to vent the negative energy, and clear the way for focus and productivity.

Once the creative juices are flowing, consider using the trusty "to-do" list to help you understand what you need to do for the week ahead. Going further and colour-coding these tasks as "not urgent, medium and urgent", and/or setting deadlines creates accountability.

Get that pen and paper ready!

5. Celebrate the wins

Consider how amazing you are for getting through each day - despite the negative voices of anxiety, stress and frustration in your head, the circumstances and/or people around you you're pretty awesome.

Don't be afraid to reward yourself in any way that makes you feel good. Get a massage, a facial, hit the golf course ... it's okay to take some time out just for you.

Try making small changes every day to help you get to that optimum state of focus. You'll thank yourself!

To find experience a no strings attached week at U8F for only $37 and to equip yourself with even more tools that promote overall wellness simply click here. We look forward to partnering with you on your health and wellness journey!

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