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Hi mumma.

You work hard to keep every one happy, safe and elevated. It's time to take care of you.

Let us help you find yourself again.

10% off your membership for life

Sign up for our no lock-in, stress-free, immersive memberships and experience the U8F difference for a whopping 10% off your membership (for life!). Cancel anytime with no fees (just a little notice).


7 day gym fling for $10

It's scary joining a new group fitness family. You want somewhere you're free to be you without judgement or competition. You want tailored, compassionate attention. We can provide that - but those are just words. Try us out for 7 days and let us prove it to you. For just $10 get the full U8F experience, risk free.

We're a little different here at U8F.

To kick off our brand new relationship we'd love to get to know you first, 


Let's schedule a quick call to get to know each other, and we can decide which path suits you best. It's a friendly, no-pressure call simply to see how we can best serve you & your unique needs. 


Let's get started. Click the button below.


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Let's talk

We love our local Mums! Can't wait to join forces with you on this special journey.

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