Lifting 101 Workshop

Date:        Sunday 6 June 2021

Time:        9.00am - 11.00am

Address:   Unit 23, 85-115 Alfred Rd 

                  Chipping Norton NSW 2170

This workshop is for the every day humans out there who are looking to: 

-  Train safely, sustainably and for maximum impact

-  Breakdown basic lifts into actionable movements 

-  Assess their movement to ensure they're lifting correctly 

-  Learn and grow without the pressure of being in a circuit/group fitness class

-  Train with a qualified coach and be mentored in a more personalised setting

In the 2-hour workshop you will be guided through the basic lifts you will encounter in any gym/group fitness setting (e.g. - weighted squat, weighted lunge, shoulder press, etc.) and the underlying principles that will help you feel more confident in your own gym/group fitness setting.


This workshop is highly recommended for those who feel out of their element in their group fitness classes or personal gym training sessions and for those who are at the beginning of their fitness journey.



A bit about U8F 


We are a wellness centre in Chipping Norton, and offer: 

- Group fitness classes

- Personal training 

- Body scans

- Mobility assessments 

- Remedial/deep tissue massage

- Meditation

- Aromatouch reflexology 

- Pain relief therapy 

- Meal plans and food coaching


... and more!

We are the family choice for fitness and wellness as we believe in empowering every day humans - regardless of age or fitness level - to live their best lives while inspiring their loved ones into healthier, happier daily rituals.