Professionally formulated, results-based training


U8F builds its own professionally formulated workouts to help people of all ages and fitness levels lose weight, define muscles, increase energy and enhance overall mobility. 

Total Body


We start the week with an exhilarating, calorie-blasting total body workout. This workout is a strategic mix of strength & cardio exercises designed to increase cardiovascular health, range of motion, general mobility and (of course) weight loss & muscle definition. 

Lower Body


Our biggest calorie burner of the week, you should never miss a U8F leg day! A strategic mix of strength and cardio exercises that will burn calories, define muscle and increase overall health, fitness & wellness.



Core is King. By strengthening our cores we are better placed to not only perform better in our workouts, but in our every day lives. Your core workouts are carefully designed to help you increase overall strength & fitness as well as increase range of motion and enhance every day movement.


Upper Body


We're going heavy with the barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and everything in between, with some cardio sprinkled across the workout to give you that infamous burn. An awesome workout to help shape, tone and sculpt the back and shoulders.



A heart-pumping workout designed to get that heart rate up and shed calories. The only purely cardio workout during the week, it's a must for those looking to increase cardiovascular health, lose weight and feel amazing.




A careful mix of everything and anything - you'll never know what to expect on Saturday at U8F. One thing is for sure - you're going to feel the burn, with this workout being a favourite among our members.